Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Cross Country-2014

It was a rainy wet,cold and muddy day… But we didn’t care! ITS OUR CROSS COUNTRY.

I felt scared because I was nearly up. I was wacthing the age groups running their track.

I felt dehydrated running the back feld. I needed a masive coke.

I could see my whanau. Then I could see Hare in front of me. Then another 9 year old passed me.

I was coming 3rd.I done well I think coming 3rd. I achieved a goal of coming 3rd and cracked It.


  1. Wow Isley was it hard running up monument hill are you tired of running around

  2. Hi it's Hare. I think You were great at running. I think you should change your highlight. Are you proud of yourself