Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Nelson Mandela

  • We were learning about nelson mandela and how
badly the black south africans were treated.

  • I thought I did my spelling really well

  • next time I would improve on to make my writing interesting

Nelson mandela was born in 18th of july 1918 in Mvezo South Africa. Nelson mandela’s dad was a chief of the Thirmburoiyallty.

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Nelson mandela was a leader of the ANC. He wanted to be no violence so they can be all equally. He didn't want the black or white to dominate so they can be all equal. He didn’t like the rules so he was put in prison for 27 years.

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  1. Isley...I LOVE the word 'dominate'...You are so right. He didn't want the Black Africans to be treated any different to the white South Africans... JUST THE SAME! Isn't he THE MAN!!