Friday, 8 August 2014

Yesterday we learnt about two things.

  • Healthy Earth.
  • Healthy you.

Healthy Earth was about how our rubbish is making its way to the sea and killing animals like turtles,seals,birds,and whales.

healthy you is how much sugar is in your food.

cookies has 11g of sugar.
chips has 0.2g of sugar.
bananas has 12g of sugar
a nutbar has 0g of sugar.

i have 23.2g of sugar in my lunch.


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  2. Wow Isley that is allot of sugar 23.2g to much sugar in your lunchbox. I really like it Isley Awesome

  3. WOW Isley that is a lot of sugar if i WOW!! thanks for remding me about sugar